What to do with that old Laptop

In this day and age Laptops are somewhat redundant, with the convenience of a iPad or similar tablet why would you want to wait for 5 minutes for Windows XP to boot up when you can turn your tablet on and be browsing the internet in seconds.

I was sat pondering this very though only the other night, realising that I had two old laptops stashed in the back of my cabinet – the though came to me that I could actually sell these laptops and raise some cash which would be very useful with Christmas just being around the corner.

Now I had decided to sell my old laptops I had to figure out the easiest way to do this, my first thought was to try and sell them on eBay, but considering I would have to take photographs of them, list all there features and meticulously check for faults only for a winning bidder not to pay – I decided I couldn’t really be bothered with this.

I decided to search on Google and see if any company’s bought old redundant laptops and to my surprise there was more companies offering this service than you could shake a stick at! I finally decided on a company called Sell Your Laptop Online. They had great reviews and were offering me the best price for my laptops. So I filled out all my details, arranged the collection of my Laptops and sat and waited.

The very next day the courier collected my laptops which was impressive, furthermore I had the price quoted honoured and paid into my bank account 3 days after filling out the online form on Sell Your Laptop Online’s website. Really impressive stuff and this will allow me to get some extra gifts this Christmas.

So there you have it, I bet 95% of people who read this blog post now rely on a tablet or smart phone for browsing the internet or playing games, I would also be willing to bet at least 80% of these people will have at least 1 old laptop in their house hold that is no longer used and they could sell this to raise so useful money.

I have linked the company in this article, but a search of Google will reveal many companies offering this service, however like anything online be sure to check out reviews before committing to shipping your Laptop off.

I have just bought my first RC Helicopter!

Well I am very excited, I ordered myself a 4 channel beginners RC Helicopter from a website on the Internet and its just arrived now!

I have long been fascinated with RC Helicopters and how they can defy gravity and zoom throughout the sky. I bought a helicopter for more of a education than anything, looking at the design of the model I have purchased it uses fixed pitch blades and a single motor which you use the transmitter to control the speed of. Obviously as you increased the speed of the motor, the rotor blades spin faster and create a bigger cushion of air under the helicopter until it eventually lifts in to the air.

The RC Helicopter I bought is something called an EFLY MSP190, it’s a small palm size model – due to the weather we have here in England I wanted something I could fly around my house and not have to wait for a calm day. Unboxing the model it cam with a 4 channel hand held transmitter, a LI-PO battery, USB charger, Spare main rotor blades and of course the model itself. The first job was to charge the small 150mah 3.7v LIPO battery via the charger by plugging it in to the USB port on my computer. The battery took around 20 minutes to charge fully in total, next I inserted 6 AA batteries in to the transmitter and I was set.

My RC Helicopter

What I have learnt with these models is that you have to bind the helicopter to the transmitter each time you use it, its not complicated at all – its simply a case of first powering on the helicopter followed by the transmitter within 10 seconds. Next you need to leave the model and transmitter alone for 10-15 seconds while they calibrate, as soon as your see the red flashing light on the helicopter has turned to a solid red you are good to go and make your first flight.

4 Channel RC Helicopters are fully controllable in all directions, this means you have full control over where the model goes, unlike with the cheap £10 2 channel ones the market is flooded with.

Looking at the transmitter the left hand stick controls the throttle and tail rotation. The right hand stick controls forward/backwards movement and roll left/right movement. You need to use all of these controls together at the same time in order to keep the helicopter level in flight, believe me when I say this is challenging initially and takes a lot of getting used to, during your initial flights you will crash, there is no two ways about it. I crashed on my very first flight and broke the blades L. Luckily the model came with a spare set, so I just needed to replace the two screws holding them in place, fit the new set and I was away flying again in no time.

Overall I have been very impressed with this rc helicopter, for £39.99 including UK delivery its given me hours of fun, learnt me how to fly, what the controls do, how to carry out repairs and I am confident that I could move on to a larger 6 channel rc helicopter and master flying one of those beasts in no time at all.

There are many good model shops in the UK, but if any one is wanting to know – I purchased my rc helicopter from R-C.UK

The iPhone 6 – Does it really live up to the Hype?

Well I have been using my iPhone 6 for a few days now and yes, its an impressive piece of kit. However what happened to phones being small, and comfy in your pocket? I mean we seem to have come full circle here, I almost like we are back in the days of the old Nokia brick type phone. OK the large screen on the iPhone 6 is amazing and watching movies on long jorneys are awesome but I keep thinking I could do with a smaller phone for ringing and texting and maybe use a iPad for anything like watching movies on the go.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6’s finger print sensor is great though, I really do love this feature and gives me real confidence that if I was to lose my phone then no one could hack in to it and steal my data. Unless they were to chop my thumb off at the same time as stealing my phone that is. I really hope Apple fit the finger print sensor on to all new models of iPhone, iPod and iPad – There are other areas this could be useful, imagine if you could enter your home with just your thumb print….no more taking keys everywhere with you. How many of you have lost your key in a taxi after a drunken night out with friends? Yes exactly, I bet its happened to everyone at least once!

Going back to the iPhone 6, the screen is great but maybe with the 6 plus it’s just too big for a phone. That’s my opinion anyway. But its good I can just stick with the iPhone 6 J

Having being victim of a broken screen on my iPhone 5 and then had to go through the process of attempting to repair the phone, followed by sending it off to a iPhone repair company I am really very scared of dropping this one, the screen looks so fragile and I think that considering its larger than the iPhone 5 it will break much easier. The first thing I did when I bought this phone was get a protective cover in the hope that this will save my phone if I do happen to drop it. However looking at the iPhone 6+ I think this screen will smash if you just look at it wrong! Could be some expensive repair bills coming for some owners.

All in all, the iPhone 6 is a great phone and big improvement on the iPhone 5. All though I do take issue with the increase in size I wouldn’t swap this phone for the world and I really am impressed by the smooth sleek lines this phone has.

Repairing Your iPhone

I was walking to work last Friday morning when I felt my iPhone vibrate in my pocket, naturally I reached to get it out and what happened….well it slipping right out of my hand and fell on to the pavement right next to my foot face down. I let out a rather girly yelp as I immediately feared the worse, As I picked up my beloved iphone I could see straight away my screen had smashed to pieces. This really was not the start to my day I was hoping for.

When I got in to work I started researching what I could do to get it fixed, my immediate thought would be to buy a replacement screen of eBay and fit it myself, after all I can put a shelf up – how hard could it be?

So, I ordered my replacement iPhone 5 screen off ebay on the Friday and I had it delivered and in my hand with a complimentary set of tools by Tuesday. That evening I sat down in front of my PC with a youtube video and set out to carry out my very first iPhone repair.

My iPhone is the 5, as such the screen repair looked very easy – all I needed to do was remove the two pentalope screws from the base of the phone and then using a suction cup lift the screen upwards. Removing the screws was easy, but because of all the cracks on the screen the suction cup would not seal and therefore I could not lift the screen with this. After around 1 hour of messing around I managed to get a thin knife bade under the base of the screen and I had it lifted out within a moment.

Next I needed to remove the 3 screws holding the cover for the three screen connections; this was easily done along with unclipping the screen connections. Once this was done I could remove the screen completely away from the phone.

The next step was to transfer the home button, earpiece, and front facing camera from the old screen to the new screen. All in all this was a total of 8 screws and 30 minutes and the job was done.

Finally I was ready to place the new screen on to my phone and then it should be back to full working order after a successful iPhone screen repair.

The three screen connectors were clipped in followed by refitting of the metal shield which held these connectors in place. Next I just needed to gently place the screen back in to the iPhone 5 case and clip it down….this is where things went horribly wrong – yep you guessed it I used far to much pressure and damaged the LCD. When I powered up my phone I had red, green and blue vertical lines running up my screen. I had come so close to a successful iPhone repair, I was devastated and now couldn’t use my phone at all.

All in all I had spent a full evening doing this and I decided to just send it off to a iPhone repair company rather than go through the whole process again. I did some research on Google and found what looked like a very reputable company with plenty of good reviews. I send my phone off to them and had it back in full working order within 2 days and was really wishing I had done this in the first place! Just incase anyone is reading this blog post and is in exactly the same position as me.

So, for me the moral of the story was don’t try and be cheap and do the repair myself, but rather send the phone off to the experts who knew exactly what they were doing.